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Optimism #1 by Jeff Davis


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Optimism #1, 2023

  • Handcrafted stained glass with aluminum stand. Procedurally generated from custom algorithm.
  • 280 x 73 in (71 x 185 cm)

Jeff Davis, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's stained glass and design principles, has embarked on a groundbreaking project called "Optimism." Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Davis was influenced by the Prairie School aesthetic and Wright's simplicity, geometric structure, and proportion in residential architecture. Wright's concept of "optimistic tones" resonated deeply with Davis, leading him to believe that art can convey optimism and enrich the world through aesthetic experiences. An accomplished artist in generative art and painting, Jeff collaborates with TRAME and Atelier Loire to embark on a groundbreaking stained glass project in which he explores stained glass as a medium for creating colored light. The project combines generative scripts, NFT minting, and aluminum framework to represent the culmination of Davis's creative journey, blending tradition, technology, and creative innovation into a visionary artwork that expresses a brighter and more harmonious future.