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About Us

TRAME is a collaborative studio and curated gallery to discover and collect limited-edition design and art with digital provenance.The concept of Craft Nouveau encourages collaboration among the creative community, included but not limited to artists, designers, and artisans, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation.

TRAME was launched in 2020 by Moroccan-born, Paris-based relatives Ismail Tazi and Adnane Tazi originally as a homeware brand exploring new domestic landscapes across the Mediterranean. 

In 2022, TRAME collaborated with Club CPG to launch Craft Nouveau—a project that fused generative art and craft. Both brands joined forces to become a new destination for collectibles at the forefront of digital craft.

Today, TRAME redefines creative paradigms and brings fresh perspectives to age-old techniques through the interplay between the visions of our designers and artisans. 

We invite you to explore the possibilities and join our journey to reimagine art, design, and craft in the digital age.


Ismail Tazi, Co-Founder

Adnane Tazi, Co-Founder

Jaime Derringer, Head of Brand / EIC