TRAME stands as a curated gallery offering exclusive limited-edition design pieces and artworks, all with digital provenance.

TRAME studio

It reshapes creative boundaries and offers fresh perspectives on age-old techniques within a vibrant community of world-renowned creatives. TRAME represents a unique fusion of digital generative art, physical materials, and artisanal craftsmanship, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

This collaboration underscores the essence of Craft Nouveau, an ongoing series that merges algorithmic code with traditional craft, uniting cutting-edge generative artists with world renowned artisans to produce exceptional digital-to-physical artworks and design pieces at the forefront of contemporary culture.

Vases manufacture
Textile manufacture

When we work with artists, we involve product designers to translate their vision into the physical space.

TRAME was launched in 2020 by Moroccan-born, Paris-based relatives Ismail Tazi and Adnane Tazi originally as a homeware brand exploring new domestic landscapes across the Mediterranean.

In 2022, TRAME collaborated with Club CPG, a pioneering consumer product studio, on Craft Nouveau. Both brands joined forces to become a new destination for collectibles at the forefront of digital craft.

Today, TRAME redefines creative paradigms and brings fresh perspectives to age-old techniques through the interplay between the visions of our designers and artisans.