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ENLACE by Aranda/Lasch

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"Enlace" conveys the notions of intertwining or embracing. In English, it refers to physical or abstract linking, reminiscent of weaving thread, while in French, it signifies an embrace, emphasizing human connection. The focus of this project is the renowned cafe chair, emblematic of French craftsmanship. Maison Louis Drucker, established in 1885, played a pivotal role in popularizing this chair, known for its distinctive bentwood frame and woven rattan patterns.

This collection is about bringing together the algorithmic potential of the digital artwork with the time-honored craft of weaving in cane as exemplified by Maison Louis Drucker. Enlace uses digital tools to open a co-creative process with a historic house of craft. New technology and traditional craft are not in conflict. Enlace claims the opposite, that the deep and time-honored traditions of craft use generative processes as part of their making and heritage.

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Aranda\Lasch makes objects, installations and buildings through a deep investigation of culture, materials, and algorithmic processes. Located in New York City and Tucson, the studio is led by Benjamin Aranda, Joaquín Bonifaz and Chris Lasch. Their work is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and The Art Institute of Chicago. Recognition includes the United States Artists Award, the League Emerging Voices Award, and the Graham Foundation. Their early projects are the subject of the book, Tooling, and the more recent publication, Trace Elements. Aranda\Lasch has exhibited internationally in galleries, museums and is represented by Volume Gallery and Gallery All. The Sarasota Museum of Art and Volume Gallery recently exhibited their decade-long project in making baskets with Native American weavers. Dedicated to education, Benjamin Aranda teaches at The Cooper Union in New York City and Chris Lasch is president of The School of Architecture (TSOA) in Arizona.

Enlace chair
Enlace chair