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moment to moment by Martin Grasser


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moment to moment, 2023

  • Colored Venetian glass with aluminum frame. Procedurally-generated from the artist’s Abstract Type Generator.
  • 37 x 30 in (94 x 74 cm)

Martin Grasser's journey in the world of fine art is driven by his deep connection with typography. His passion for type stems from his lifelong fascination with viewing letterforms, words, sentences, and paragraphs as art itself. Grasser's diverse background includes designing the Twitter logo, visual storytelling for Nike, and creating the Color Dot Font. Since 2022, Grasser has taken his practice onto the blockchain with three notable generative series: Squares, LOVE and Themes and Variations where he worked in collaboration with Vera Molnár a pioneer of computer art. In his latest work "Portraits," Grasser uses generative algorithms to decouple letterforms from their prescribed shapes and instead assign colors to each letter in the alphabet. The result is a beautiful visual language, where words and phrases become new  abstract forms. Collaborating with TRAME, Grasser incorporates Venetian glass into his art, to create mirrors that interact with the viewer, inviting them to shape the narrative of the artwork.